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Mark Edmond Holmes

Mark is an award winning filmmaker, journalist, producer and creator of FILTER43, a video series dedicated to those in the pursuit of socioeconomic change within their communities. Prior to this endeavor, Mark acted as Community News Director and reporter for York Region’s first radio station, 105.9 The Region.

Mark has also created content for where he co-produced a series in honour of Black History Month, asking the question, ‘What does it mean to you to be Black in Canada?’ This particular project involved contributions of a daily blog along with the production of the video series. 


Mark also wrote and directed the documentary, ‘UNITY: Hip Hop’s Next Chapter.’ A film that looks at the youth led group UNITY and their quest to use the urban arts as a means to help educate and empower teens.  This labour of love went on to win best documentary at the 2012 Mississauga Independent Film Festival.


Marks’ tenure in broadcasting spans the better part of twenty years in which he has managed to craft his skills in the industry while working for the likes of Stornoway Communications, Positive Living Productions, Rogers Television, 105.9 The Region, Outdoor Life Network, TV Ontario and CTV.

Matthew Cappuccitti

Matt is a born storyteller and although he may be a relative newcomer to the film industry, he certainly is no stranger to being on stage or holding a mic. With his first Emceeing 'gig' when he was only 4 years old, Matt has over 40 years of public speaking experience. 

In 2011, due to some ill-placed trust and a dodgy business partner, Matt's corprate career was altered forever (which may in itself be a documentary sometime down the road). It was in those moments that Matt knew he had to get back to his true passions in life and to focus on what really makes him happy. 


Today, Matt is called to create content which inspires positive change and to do his part in making the world a better place, not only for himself, but also for his incredible 3-year old daughter, Abby. 


One of these projects is talk11, a live event talk series and Podcast. As co-creator, producer, director and host, Matt delivers powerful and thoughtfully curated groups of speakers; giving each individual the opportunity to take the stage (for 11 minutes) to share their unique and empowering experiences, life lessons and stories with the audience.

Matt is excited to utilize his background, skillset(s) and experience, to explore the world of documentary filmmaking and to step up and do his part as an Ally to the BIPOC communities and other marginalized groups within Canda. 






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